AuradX Ai
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Staking Affiliate Rewards

Auradx Ai Powered Staking Dapp on Arbitrum Blockchain:
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    Auradx Daily Ai Powered Stake Rewards (DallE2): Minimum quantity to participate in Stake Program is 100 DallE2 (Arbitrum) Tokens. The Stake rewards are 183% APY (0.5% per month) for 1 month locking ,Stake rewards will be distributed to the Stakers on Daily basis. Any time users can withdraw Rewards to Metamask Wallet address through Arbitrum Blockchain and Principal Staking locked Coins will be release as per locking schedule time (30 Days)..
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    AuradX Stake Referral Rewards (DallE2): AuradX Staking Dapp will provide referral rewards for referring a friend those rewards automatically sent to referral wallet address whenever your friends Stake DallE2 Tokens . To receive Stake Referral rewards, staking is mandatory for own referral address on dapp. The Application offers Total 15% DallE2 Token's referral bonus for 5 levels for each Stake Deposit.
Affiliate Rewards :
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    Direct Affiliate Level 1:5%
  2. 2.
    Affiliate Level 2:4%
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    Affiliate Level 3:3%
  4. 4.
    Affiliate Level 4:2%
  5. 5.
    Affiliate Level 5:1%
Whithrawal / Unstake Fee : 10%
Staking Dapp Address :