AuradX Ai
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AI Powered Farming

The world of decentralized finance will be a bit complex and confusing, especially if you are a beginner trying to get into yield farming. The problem lies with deciding on which farms to put your assets in.
AuraDX's AI-powered farming aggregator is designed to help crypto enthusiasts make informed decisions. No more guess works when it comes to choosing opportunities in the DeFi space. With AuraDX's AI-powered farming get to know the exciting and trustworthy opportunities seamlessly.
Get automated suggestions on the best-yielding farms with the click of a button. These recommendations are not the same for every user. If it does so, it's not a fruitful application of AI. AuraDX will suggest better options for individuals based on their holdings in the wallet.
AuraDX also offers a clear-cut dashboard where users can find vital statics and APYs

Farming Pools Available in 3 Categeories Are As Below::

Pool-1 Farm DallE2/ETH LP To Get APY 365% Of DallE2F Tokens

Pool-2 Farm USDT/ETH LP To Get APY 10% Of USDT Tokens
Pool-3 Farm DAI/ETH LP To Get APY 7% Of DAI Tokens