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The First AI Powered DeFi protocols For DallE2,P2PExchange,Staking,Farming & Launchpad.
AuradX Ai
The crypto and web 3.0 market will never cease to grow. Though recently, the price of Bitcoin has dropped, it's just temporary volatility and the market has been performing well very recently, due to the intrusion of innovative technologies like Artificial intelligence. AuradX combines the advantages of Arbitrum distributed ledger (blockchain, in general) and Artificial Intelligence to deliver a future-proof ecosystem of crypto-related products to community members and enthusiasts.
AuraDX has its own P2P exchange, text-to-image converter, launchpad, and staking platform, all powered by Artificial Intelligence. The idea is to launch a stable ecosystem of cryptocurrency products to let the users make the most out of their crypto assets. The users need not dabble through multiple transactions/trades or spend a lot of time searching for better returns. AuradX will be their one go-to place for all their crypto needs which will lead them to a better lifestyle.
AuraDX is moreover a customer-centric platform, where everything is decentralized and powered by smart contracts and Artificial Intelligence. There is no centralized governing body that governs the platform instead,the governance token will let the members decide the roadmap of AuradX.

Arbitrum - The Potential Soltuion

Though the ethereum blockchain is widely used, it has its drawbacks that make the users reconsider their idea of deploying their DApps to Ethereum. Owing to the 'not-so-great' scalability and high transaction charges, the web 3.0 world was in need of an alternative. This is where Arbitrum comes into the picture, a layer 2 solution for efficient and cheaper execution costs.
Arbitrum uses transaction roll-up technology to record a batch of transactions on the ethereum chain and execute them on the side chain at a cheaper price. Arbitrum makes things easy for developers by allowing them to run Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) contracts.
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